chord symbol problem

probably an easy question.
i don’t understand why my chord-symbols are not showing up.
Look at the left score (conductor score) Letter ‘F’ and then letter 'f" in the Upright Bass Score -> no Symbols there, although I chose ‘show in all rhythm parts’ -> screenshot.
What did I do wrong please?

That menu can be different for each player (because each player could hold multiple instruments). Have you applied accordingly for the Upright Bass player?

yep…I did that…don’t know the reason, really.

What about if you set it (for the upright bass player) to apply to all instruments?

In attachment the dorico file…could you have a look please?
the other problem occurs in bar 7 in the drums…I try to enter slashes and I get normal noteheads although I created slashes in my percussion kit…Am I cursed? :smiley:
The Quest (839 KB)

tried that too - with no result

What happens if you switch on View > Signposts > Chord Symbols? Are there a load of green signposts in the Bass part?

Yes there are the green sign-posts with the chords…how can I make the chords visible then?

Select the green flags and untick the hidden property in the bottom panel. You can marquee select lots of them at. Time, or marquee select the whole bass part and then Edit > Filter > Chord Symbols.

The hidden property in the button panel is not activated…really not…I swear…I checked all that…

I’m currently in the passenger seat of a car, with no computer. Can somebody else take a look at the file?

Peer, go to Layout Options, select the Upright Bass layout (right hand column). Then in the Staves and Systems section, subsection Chord Symbols, select Show chord symbols: above top staff of system.

that solved the problem. How did you find that out !! You made my day. Thanx. Bedankt !
Do you still have a solution why my drum-part writes normal note-heads altough I created a slash in my percussion kit?

To be honest, I’m a classical musician, and hardly ever deal with chord symbols… The only thing I knew (because I casually picked it up on this forum) was that there are many options to show and hide them in parts and scores. I just guessed it had to be a layout option.
My experience with setting up drum kits is basically zero, I’m afraid I can’t help you. But there are quite a few extremely helpful fellow Doricians here who can and probably will.
Alles Gute! Peter

Bedankt Peter. En nog een fijne dag toegewenst.