Chord Symbol Regions not being shortened

I think I’m experiencing a bug where chord symbol regions are not shortened or split when deleting bars either via the system track or the Shift+B popover. I discovered this when I had deleted about 40 bars at the end of the flow, which had a bass part with a chord symbol region that extended to the final bar.

I later went to export the parts and discovered each part had 40 bars of rests, and when I went back to look at the flow the chord symbol region had forced the bars to reappear as it was still the same length. I had to then manually shorten the chord symbol region using the handle.

Obviously it would also be helpful to be able to use the scissor tool to split a chord symbol region as you can do with a slash region.

Agreed. There are a couple of necessary features with chord symbol regions that were simply left out when they were implemented. One is that they can’t be split with the scissors tool as you have discovered, and they also cannot be visually turned off except by using Print Preview. Unchecking View/Highlight Chord Symbol Regions still leaves the purple bar above the measures.

This also points to a larger problem with using Dorico for composition, and that is there is no way to do copybacks (come sopras) and guarantee that you will get correct results with any selection containing any sort of region (chord, slash, 1-bar, etc.). I know I’ve requested this before, but I would love a setting to auto-break any regions when all systems are selected, or when copying with the system track. This way the user has a way to simply select a bar or passage and correctly paste it elsewhere, which is can’t be done now without scanning to make sure no regions are selected that will need to be split first. (And of course splitting a chord symbol region is currently impossible) I personally would love to be able to always auto-break any type of region when selecting/pasting but understand others may not want that. In any case, the ability to select a single measure for all instruments in a score and correctly paste it and only it elsewhere in a project would be a very desirable feature.

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Me too: The deleted bars reappears after saving/closing/reopening because of a chord region that extended through the bars that I am trying to delete at the end of the flow. Shortening the chord region doesn’t help - the empty bars and the original extended chord region reappears after saving/closing/opening. The only way for me is to delete the chord region completely - and then making a new one of the right length (after saving/closing/opening again, that’s what I did).