Chord symbol regions


Is it possible to have one section where chord symbols are shown only in the keyboard part, and then another section where the whole rythm section shows chords?

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Yes. You can determine which players show chord symbols globally in Setup mode. Right-clicking on any player will open a menu that allows to select how chord symbols appear (never, in slash regions, etc.). You can set each player to show symbols only in chord symbol regions. Then, in write mode, select the measures/beats in any part where you want chord symbols to appear and create a chord symbol region from the Write menu.

Yes, I know that. The point is doing it without a slash region. I have a recitativo intro (kind of baroque style), where I wrote out the keyboard part, but want to leave room for freedom, so I added chord symbols. I don’t need the bass or guitar to see them at the start.

The only other way would be to hide them in each instrument (which is easy-peasey)