Chord Symbol Repeat Sign

Is it possible to add a Chord Symbol Repeat Sign like the attached example ?

Dorico 1.1 - Mac OS 10.12.6
iMac 2015 - 3,3GHz 32GB ram
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 17.12.25.png

You can add it using Shift+X text by copying and pasting the appropriate symbol from this page. Be sure to set the character style to ‘Music text’ using the control in the top right-hand corner of the text editing popover.

Thanks Daniel

This surely does the trick, but let me insist on the need for a repeat chord symbol ("%") in the chord symbol popover. It would be a true time saver.

+1, I agree this would be a very useful feature.

is this still the only way to do this?


This is still the only way? Well, the Github reference is 404 now. As a jazz composer I feel like a minority interest :-).

Try this page instead.

Thanks. Now to work out what Daniel said above. The % as a choice is a basic need for arrangers and ‘light music (sic)’ composers. It could even be in Repeat Structures! I suspect the people who didn’t think to provide it are the same people who thought it necessary to include a description of what ‘chords’ are! Thanks, I’ll try it.

Hi. It seems to work ( I see that shift-X is the Text input popover) though Music Text has to be checked every time. It IS possible to Copy and Paste which is good and saves time, but it needs to be input on every rhythm (or soloist) track that are allocated the chords symbols, unlike the actual symbols themselves. - unless I am missing something? Thanks.

New features have come out since the original posting. You can create a custom line to do this now too, especially if you want it centered between the barlines.

You can also type this pretty easily using

Btw, despite all the great workarounds/creative solutions, I still think having a native solution would be awesome, since obviously this would allow for local chord symbols, regions and all the other good stuff…

Just my 2c,


Thanks both. Both are obviously fixes for a problem, but I’m sure it’ll be in the TO DO list… :slightly_smiling_face: