Chord symbol signposts sometimes don't show up.

In the attached screenshot, you can see that:

— Signposts are turned on.
— Chord symbol signposts are activated.
— There are chord symbols in this Flow.

But no chord symbol signposts appear.

In another flow in the same project, chord symbol signposts appear just fine. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be visible here. Any ideas?


Signposts only appear when the objects themselves are hidden. If you can see the chord symbols (as in your screen shot) you don’t get signposts as well.

This applies to all signposts, not just chord symbols.

Oh interesting! Thanks.

As a followup: I removed everything but the solo vocal instrument from the current Layout. So no chord symbols are visible. I’m still not seeing the chord symbol signposts.

Another layout of another flow in the same Project is similar: only the solo vocal is displayed. But in that case, chord symbol signposts do show up. I’m not sure what’s different between the two.

Attach the project and we’ll be able to advise.

I appreciate the offer! I’d rather not make the score public just yet; can I email it to someone at support?


You can e-mail the project directly to Daniel or leave it in a Dropbox-type location and mail him the link.

… and the chord symbol signposts just appeared.

I’m going to chalk this up to “I needed to restart Dorico to fix this” rather than “I am going insane”.