Chord symbol superscript

I’m trying to increase the size of diminished ‘o’ superscript. The default is ridiculously small. I’ve found my way to the ‘edit chord symbol appearance’ window and, indeed, I can alter the size of this item. Problem is it only alters it on the one chord symbol and then immediately defaults back to the original setting. I’ve tried various ways of saving it and trying to apply it to every instance of the superscript diminished but to no avail. Any ideas?

Make sure you follow this precisely. I got confused by the pen icons but this procedure definitely works!

Hi @Phil_Hinton,

I was going through the Dorico threads from bottom to top (oldest to newest) and came across this thread and thought I would try and help. I spent about 5 minutes finding the link I just posted (which I knew existed but not where) only to find, a dozen or so threads higher, that you had also asked this question in a different thread and found your solution.

There’s no need to ask your question in two different threads.