Chord symbols and multi-bar rests

It took me a while to figure out what was going on in a file I was working on. When ‘Show bar rests in empty bars’ is unticked, empty bars with one chord symbol still get a multi-bar rest, bars with two chord symbols don’t (see first image). That’s quite odd…

To get the desired result I had to change the setting ‘Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests > Consolidate’ to ‘None’ (see second image).

For clarity, I must add that in the original file, multi-bar rests were set to show no bar count. So at first, I even didn’t realize I was dealing with multi-bar rests. It looked more like a bug (see image).

This is because a chord symbol at the start of a bar won’t prevent Dorico from consolidating that bar into a multi-bar rest, but of course a chord symbol at the start of the following bar will result in a new multi-bar rest beginning there, so you will end up with a series of one-bar multi-bar rests.

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