Chord symbols and repeat bars above staves

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Can I put chord symbols and repeat bars above some staves when those staves are occupied by music notes? If so, how?


Hi @spencered
first you have to set on which players/instruments you want the chord symbols to appear. Remember that Show for All instruments, means “for all instruments held by that particular player”:

For grand staff instruments (like in your example, even if this is not standard) you have to set the position Below (the upper staff)
[EDIT: I forgot that there is a Layout option for this, as @pianoleo gently points out in the post below]. Eventually you need to adjust the vertical position in engrave mode:

For the repeat sign you can create a new horizontal line (menu Library/Lines…, and then click on the + to create a new line), with invisible line and with a centred annotation. The annotation can be created and edited in menu Library/Line annotations…//Music symbols (clicking then on the + to create a new annotation and choosing a SMuFL Glyph under Repetitions). Remember to click on the little star if you want every new item to be usable in all your projects:

You can then use your line when needed, attaching its start and end position to the barlines:

You need to set eventually the distance from staff and position as desired the gaps in the previous editor window so that the repetition symbol is vertically aligned with the chord symbols (or, more tediously you can adjust this in engrave mode if needed)


Contrary to the post above, for grand staff instruments you don’t need to manually flip chord symbols below the top staff of a grand staff (e.g. piano) - there’s a Layout Option for that:

If you only want chord symbols to show some of the time (as specified in the text of your post, if not necessarily the attached image), you can either set the Show Chord Symbols option as Christian’s specified above, then individually hide chord symbols you don’t want to see, or you can set this option, then input Chord Symbol Regions or Slash Regions (from the Write menu, or Shift-Q reg Enter for Chord Symbol Regions and Shift-R slash Enter for Slash Regions) where you do want to see chord symbols.


There’s no end to this stuff! Where do you guys find the time to learn it all?
I’m glad you do, and thank you!