Chord Symbols and Transposing already written music


I was wondering if there are any plans in the future to re-evaluate how chord symbols, selections, and transposing work. Here is an example of the frustration I’m facing that is usually a very quick and simple process in Sibelius (sorry I know it’s shite to come here and compare to Sibelius, but I am one of the many hoping to abandon Avid entirely and move my workflow to Dorico 100% of the time, so these kinds of things deserve mentioning).

I have written a piece of contemporary pop music, and I have decided I want to add a key change at a certain point in the middle of the song. In sibelius I would just select the top left barline of the first bar of the new key, shift click the bottom right at the end, transpose, and be done with it. Notes, chord symbols, and cleff all are done, and I just have to scan for any pesky enharmonic spelling issues. In Dorico I cannot find a simple way to do this. The only way I figured out was to select the music, transpose (your transpose dialog box is not very intuitive to my brain. For one you have to select the interval value before selecting the quality, as 2nds/3rds have different options than 4ths/5ths… but the quality drop box is above the interval value box… also for those of us who think about transpositions just from key 1 to key 2 and only care about up or down, the whole thing is just… complicated, and not user friendly)… ok that was step one, then step 2 is to change the key signature (perhaps this is step one and using the transpose command is 2? I dunno) but wait, I’m not done yet, the chord symbols weren’t transposed, and there is no simple/intuitive way to include them in the initial selection, nor is there a simple way to select them from a starting bar to the end. So I have to cmd click every chord (or some combination of that and select more) and then transpose again.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but it took me almost as long to transpose 25 bars as it did to write them in the first place, was there an easier/more intuitive way to have accomplished this goal?

In a perfect world I would love to see an option for keychanges built into the same quick command system that is so amazing to use. Perhaps cmd+shift+k is a “change key and transpose” where you just type in the new key and up or down and it does the rest “cmd+shft+k” - “C up” - “enter”

Hi. Use the system track to select “everything” that has to transpose, which is everything.
Then use the transpose tool. It should input the new KS for you.
Hope it helps!

Well now I feel a bit silly, that works perfectly. I guess the system track is just a thing I hadn’t quite wrapped my brain around using regularly (probably because it doesn’t highlight anything else below it).

Thank you so much!!

Still would like to see the ability to select ranges of chord symbols though (even if it was just the ability to click a chord symbol, shift click another, and have all of the symbols in the middle become selected). Yes I understand the workaround is the marquee tool but as a workflow preference I never use it, I much prefer shift+click systems.

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Use the system track just like Marc Larcher said, and then filter the chord symbols (edit>filter>chord symbols, you can assign a shortcut if you want) and finally transpose.

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