Chord Symbols breaking multimeasure rests

There’s a similar thread to this already, but I wanted to start this one to address a different aspect:

Is there a reason why chord symbols need to be hidden manually in order for multi-measure rests to happen? I can see a case where people might want to make lead sheets with rests, but certainly it’s far more common to have a chart where a chordal instrument should be resting and the multi-measure rest should appear. If nothing else it should be a toggle in Engraving Rules, right?

Having to go through and manually hide chord symbols is a huge pain, especially over the course of multiple parts! Especially since you can’t shift-select them with the rest of the bar (and then filter>chord symbols, hide, still a pain but better than dragging over a specific selection).

For reference, I have all the “Multi-bar Rests” settings on, and under chord symbols I have selected to show chord symbols above specific player’s staves.

This has come up a couple of times recently, and unfortunately there’s no way to automatically hide chord symbols over bars of rest, multi-rest or not. The official way is to use Chord Symbol Regions over parts where you want chords to show and set the player to only show chord symbols over Chord and Slash regions. But definitely very difficult to manage over a large score - so I agree some way of automatically hiding would be desirable.

Tell me about it! I’m working on a big medley right now where the musical texture changes quite quite often, and unfortunately flows definitely aren’t the solution.

I really wish there was an easy way to select chords if nothing else! Imagine this: something as simple as selecting the chords of the last three bars of a system and the first bar of the next system, assuming two chords per bar, is eight clicks (or two veeeery careful drags), then you still have to hide them, and then repeat for each such section on each instrument.

Maybe you would do better in this case if you turned off chord symbols for this instrument and then simply added chord symbol ranges where needed.

1 Select the range of bars using the System Track (click and drag).
2. Click the square at the end of the System Track to actually select the passage.
3. Use the keyboard shortcut you’ve set for filtering chord symbols.
4. Hide in properties panel.

for 1, you can also just click the first bar in the range, then Shift-click the last bar in the range.

I totally forgot about the System Track, thanks for pointing that out!

Still not the most ideal for something I wish could happen automatically, but this certainly saves a bit of time.