Chord symbols by player rather than instrument?

i love that you only have to enter chord symbols once, and not on every staff you want. I like that you can select them by instrument type.

However, I have a vocal reduction (like a 2-part lead sheet) where I just want chords on the top staff, and both my staves are part of a single player, so I appear to be able to select options for chord symbol to either show or hide on both my staves but not on only one.

Perhaps I’m approaching the “players” paradigm wrong… (Regarding my other thread about “auto-reducing choral scores”, I’m trying this next score with both vocal parts under one “player” since as I understand it a section can also be thought of as a “player”)

If your two staves will be performed by two different people, or groups of people, then I think really they make more sense to be separate players, in which case you’ll be able to get chord symbols to appear only for one of your two players.

In the forthcoming update there will be an option in Layout Options to show chord symbols only above the top staff in the system, which would be another possible solution if you did want to maintain your current approach to using a single player.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll go back to using two players. And that upcoming feature sounds perfect, too.

I seem to remember reading something about dorico’s handling of, say, clarinet 1 and 2 as two players, reducable to a single staff in the score (or even in a part). I’m guessing it was from the blog. Do you remember what I’m referring to and could possibly post a link?

No, Dorico can’t yet reduce music for separate players to a smaller number of staves, but this is definitely something we are planning to add.