Chord symbols different in Score + Key editor

Hi, Please can someone tell me how to make the chord symbols in Key Editor match the symbols in Score Editor?

I play by ear, and I’m not always sure which chords are being played. With older Cubases, it showed you plain chords in the Key Editor
e.g. Dmin, Dmin7 etc.

I want to send the song’s chords to a friend so he can add some guitar, and after some searching through my Cubase 6 manual, I found the blue rectangle in Score Editor, and instead of D- I now see Dmin, which is what I wanted.

I can’t see the Score Editor chords as they’re jumbled up with the notes, so I decided to use the Key Editor, but the chords there show with a minus sign, rather than ‘min’.

Is there a way to set the chord symbols globally?

In the screenshot, you can see :
Score Editor - jumbled chords and notes, though it does show as ‘Dmin’ as I wanted
Score Editor - the ‘Current Chord Display’ actually still showing a minus sign at the top of the image
Key Editor - chords shown with a minus sign instead of ‘min’

Thanks for any help, Adam

The chord symbols in the Score Editor are ones you inserted yourself (though there are several ways to have done that), the ones in the status line are automated. If I remember correctly the setting is in the Event Display-Chords of the preferences.

BTW, The minus sign is a standard abbreviation for ‘minor’.