Chord symbols for Major 7th (in parentheses) also upper case small caps?

Is it possible to make the maj7 that is in parentheses look like MA7 (see the second pic)?
Not seeing this option anywhere.
Obviously I know I can edit this in engrave mode.


Scroll down just a bit further: Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Intervals > Major Seventh > Appearance in minor or augmented chords.

Yes, but then you get this:

Hoping to see something like this (done in Engrave mode)

Ah – If you’ve got this one looking the way you want, you can “promote” this single override to a project default appearance in the dialog. (Explained nicely in the video in the User Guide at about 4:30.) But I think the way this works is you have to do it for every root you use.

Yes indeed, that is possible, but quite annoying to do with every single root.

Yes, but if you save it, then you have it for all future files. Not really that much effort to get exactly what you want now and in the future.

Yes, it is very annoying to have to do with every root. If you save it in your default file, then you won’t have to do it ever again, but be aware this also breaks the “Parenthesized” property, as you can’t add parentheses to chords that have an override.

Some chord symbol custom edits can be done with doricolib files. That way they only have to be done once and then the Parenthesized property still works. I’d have to play around to see if your edit is possible.

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Just got back home to try it, and I don’t think this is really possible with doricolib files, at least not easily. “MA7” is actually a composite of glyphs so I don’t think there’s a simple way to redefine it. The only quick fix I can think of redefines the position of the 7, which gives you what you want, but then messes up the positioning of all the other 7s, so … not great.

Unzip the file and add it to DefaultLibraryAdditions if you want to play around with it. Maybe you can experiment with different yOffset values (in the doricolib file) and find a compromise setting. I’m pretty sure it will only affect New files created from File/New so it likely won’t affect an existing file. Manually creating overrides for all roots is probably the best option here unfortunately. (520 Bytes)

Thanks so much! I will play around with that a bit.