Chord symbols from global to local

Let me start by saying what an amazing piece of software Dorico is. I enjoy it more and more each day. Looking forward to the next update.
My question is this.
I want to write different chord symbols for piano and guitar than in the bass part. So I want to change Fm11 to Fm7 in the bass-part. Almost all symbols have to be rewritten. Also reset some rhytmic symbol-positions in the bass.

Now I go in the bass-part and have to change each symbol with Return-Option L Return to make it local. Then I make the changes. What I actually want is select all bass-part symbols and change them to local in one go. Can this be done yet?
What would be your advise to handle this? Is there a better way to alternate the (in this case) bass-part symbols?

I don’t think it’s currently possible to change the chord symbols to local in this way.

A semi-smooth way to do this might be to duplicate the flow, remove all chord symbols, then enter brand new chord symbols for the bass part as local. Because there won’t be any chord symbols there already, the local property should remain and you can just keep entering as per normal and it will stay local. Then, copy them and click the first item in the bass and paste…

I think the local chords will then be pasted in place of the global ones…

Thanks Daniel, I’m going to try out with your suggestion but I’m not sure yet if it takes less time than editing symbols one by one in the bass-parts.

I would love to have a button “change selected chord symbols (or whole part) to local”.

The problem with your current method is that you’ll have to click “option” each time you want to enter the next chord. By entering them from scratch, you will avoid this as the local chord icon will stick.

That’s correct. But in your method I have to retype the all (alternated) symbols. But maybe it’s less work. Do you ‘park’ the original symbols (including rhytmical position!) in a separate file?

Not quite sure what you mean, sorry?

Of course, you can always have a backup copy somehow. You can even just duplicate another copy of the flow and keep it tucked away.

It’s the heat here…