Chord symbols from selection - Freezing computer!

Hello, When I select Generate chord symbols from selection my computer freezes , showing only the first part of the options.
Could the problem be in my computer - not able to use this option ?

Probably not your computer.
Can you post a short example of something that gives your program trouble? Specifics are a lot more valuable that a general description.

Perhaps the problem is that your display is insufficiently tall for the whole dialog to be shown. What screen resolution are you using? When the application appear to freeze, what happens if you hit the Esc key to cancel the dialog?

I have just come back to what I have done, and I think I may have misunderstood the amazing opportunities of this option.

I am sure noiw that I have looked again that there must be some semblence of harmony with the theme I have produced, not expecting the simple melody to have chords shown - it would be very for Dorico to work out which chords would be the ones I had in mind before displaying them.
My mistake - I will go back and try again. I have found a way to see the rest of the screen , and the freezing would be because there were too many possibilities for Dorico.

Sorry to have posted this - I will get it right I am sure.

I really must learn to type ! It would be most difficult for Dorico to suggest chords for just a theme on its own - there must be some semblence of a harmony behind it, however simple it is, which is probably the reason behind the problem.

If I still have difficulties, of course I will ask again.