Chord symbols in parts

Ensemble includes piano and trumpet. Putting chord symbols in piano part in full score is putting them in trumpet as well. I don’t want them in trumpet part

There is a note in chord symbols setup that I can adjust what instruments have chord symbols in the players panel, but I don’t see a way to remove them in players panel.

Right-click the Trumpet player and set the menu as follows:

Note that the chord symbols menu is per player. The default for every new player is to Show for Rhythm Section Instruments, meaning that if the player holds a keyboard/guitar/bass/drums instrument, that instrument will show chord symbols. If you add a chord symbol (in Write mode) to a non-rhythm instrument (such as a Trumpet), Dorico will silently switch this option to “Show for All Instruments” for that player, in order that chord symbols appear where you’re inputting them.

follow up question: the trumpet takes a solo in one flow, requires chord symbols for that section. How do I add them for that flow?

Hiding and showing chord symbols (in Dorico Pro at least).

(All I did was search for “chord area” in the online manual.)

Aah thanks @pianoleo for the explanation which clears up my confusion re wording of options. Now I understand that it’s “for all instruments per player” it makes sense at last

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