Chord Symbols - Modal question

This is a little amusing as it relates to my screen name (FredGUnn = phrygian) but I can’t figure out how to get a chord symbol to display as “E phrygian”. I’d like to have the full name as it isn’t such a common suffix and the abbreviated version looks a little odd to my eye. When I type it into the score it always appears as “E phryg.” If I try to enter that symbol into the Chords/Project Default Appearances editor, “Em7(b9)” comes up, not “E phrygian” so there’s no way that I can tell to globally edit that suffix.

I may go with Fmaj7(#11)/E anyway as that’s how the pianist is voicing it on this recording, but it would be nice if there was some way to just have “E phrygian” appear. There aren’t any settings to have this chord symbol appear are there? I suppose I will end up taking an unused suffix and rebuilding it to be “phrygian.”

Also, there is a glitch in the menu here too. The setting states “Modes title case” but the image shows lower case:

You’re right that there’s no way by default to make Dorico create “Phrygian” rather than “Phryg.”, but you should be able to edit that appearance in the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog, though of course that then means that it will always appear as “Phrygian” rather than “Phryg.” in that project.

Sorry if I’m being dense here, but how do I do that exactly? If I type Cphrygian into the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog, Cm7(b9) shows up in the editor. As those are all individual characters and not one large composite, if I edit them individually I’m making global edits to each character which I certainly don’t want, right? There’s not a way to just delete a character in this window is there? The Delete key resets the positioning. I ended up taking a composite I wasn’t using and redefining it to be “phrygian” but I’d love to have a little more logical way to do this.

Heh, of course you’re right, because the Project-Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog doesn’t allow the chord symbol to be shown as a modal chord symbol, so there’s currently no practical way to edit those appearances, I’m afraid. I’ll think about how we might be able to expose them in future.

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.