Chord symbols not importing in MusicXML files from Encore to Dorico 3.5

I’m trying to move on from Encore after 20 years and hoping I can transfer my scores ( mostly lead sheets w/ chords) from Encore 5.0.6 to Dorico 3.5 as Music XML files.
The notes and everything else are ( mostly) making it but no chords. I’m hoping I don’t have to manually enter the chords on hundreds of charts. Any hope?

There’s a possibility that they’re importing but aren’t set to show on the relevant instruments. Having imported via MusicXML, right-click on the player that should be showing chord symbols (left panel or Setup mode) then from the context menu to Chord Symbols > Show for all Instruments.
Now do you see chord symbols?

Hi , thanks for your reply!
I’m just new to Dorico. Where is the context menu?

The context menu (in any program) is the menu that appears when you right-click.

I click Setup and it shows players (piano). I’m clicking on everything and not seeing a menu.
I’ve searched all over and not seen Chord Symbols > Show for all Instruments.

Make sure you *right-click * the piano. With a mac, you can ctrl-click it. Then the context menu appears.

Aha! OK Thanks I never knew about control click. However I clicked on show for all instruments and all the others and still nothing.

Can you zip up and attach one of the MusicXML files you’re trying to import from Encore so we can take a look and see how they’re encoded in those files?

Hi Daniel,
Here are two. One has chords and lyrics, the other just chords.
Thanks for checking it out.


(Attachment MON COEUR EST ROUGE lyric.xml is missing)

(Attachment RALPH’S PIANO WALTZ.xml is missing)

Hi Daniel,
Here are two. One with chords the other with chords and lyrics.
Thanks for checking it out!


Encore (9.63 KB)

I’m sorry to tell you, Chris, that those MusicXML files don’t contain any chord symbols at all, so I can only conclude that Encore doesn’t include chord symbols in its MusicXML export. Sorry!

Thanks for looking into it.