Chord symbols on a part with notes on part 1st time through

Writing for a jazz (big) band, I have a part that has a repeated section where the 2nd time there are notes to play. But the 1st time through, I would like a player to play a jazz solo. Unfortunately, when trying to add chord changes to this part (which I can see), I cannot make them stick.

I did look at the options for showing/hiding chords on the player. But I only want the chords on these bars for only one player that is not a rhythm section or slashed measures.

Using Dorico Pro 4.0.20. Is there a video that can help me?

Thank you,

Have you tried this?

The description of this video suggests it may also contain info on chord regions.

Derrick, you are a star. :star: This is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you, Bob