Chord Symbols On Bass Guitar Staff


Is it not possible to have chord symbols on the bass guitar staff/part? :open_mouth:

Sure, you can display them on any staff. Did you change the setting for that staff in Setup?

See here.

Thanx for the responses!

I wasn’t aware of the setting, however I checked, and the switches" are on, but …

I checked on all of the instruments, and the switches are all on. Bearing in mind, that once i entered the chord symbols on the classical guitar, they automatically appeared on the jazz guitar, shouldn’t they show up on the trumpets as well?

I’m trying to understand for future use, where i will definitely need them for the trumpets.

Thanx, again!

In your screenshot the lower switch is set to “Show For Rhythm Section Instruments”. It needs to be set to “Show For All Instruments”.
Bear in mind that this set of options is set separately for each Player. This makes sense once you bear in mind that a Player could, for example, play both Guitar (which is rhythm section) and Harmonica (which is not rhythm section).

Aha. I had always wondered about that…

In my humble opinion it’s one of those areas where Dorico assumes the user always wants the flexibility, and could (one day!) have better defaults or options, just like the tuplet situation we were discussing yesterday. I’m guessing that 90% of Dorico players don’t hold multiple instruments, let alone a range of instruments that span rhythm and non-rhythm sections, and I’m guessing that 90% of tuplets entered are basic 3:2 triplets.

Anyway, I’m off topic now so I’ll stop!

Thanx for the responses!

Interesting, but isn’t the bass guitar a rhythm section instrument?

I’ll check again “in the new year”. :wink: I’m on the way out to “ring it in”. :laughing:

Sure, but trumpets are not rhythm instruments. Happy new year!

True, but when the trumpeter needs to take a solo … :wink:

It worked! :open_mouth: … counter-intuitive, but it worked! :laughing:


Now, I have to experiment with only giving the trumpeter chords for the section where the solo happens.

This is exciting! :slight_smile:

Thanx, Dorico Team! :slight_smile:

To just give chords for a certain bit, I’m afraid you’ll have to “show for all,” then hide the chord symbols in the bars you don’t want them.

I’ll take that as a “work in progress”. :laughing:

Thanx, again! :slight_smile: