Chord symbol's slash Bass letter default position


I’m using Dorico v4.1 and seem to be having trouble setting a custom default position for a chord symbol’s slash and/or slash to bass letter. Having read the instructions (and seen a couple of videos), it appears one needs to apply a new default from the Project Default Chord Symbols Appearances dialog. However, having tried this, I can’t seem to get my applied changes to carry forward to other existing chord symbols in my project (i.e. those containing the same bass letter) or for new chord symbols with the same edited bass letter.

Have I misunderstood the process here?

Also, I notice that there’s a program crash when clicking “save as default” in this dialog window. Would this be a contributing issue to my problem?

Apologies if this matter has been previously brought up.

The crash you’re experiencing is unrelated to the specific edits you’re trying to perform, and is simply a bug that will be fixed in the next update, which is coming soon.

Dorico has an internal kerning table that it uses to specify the default horizontal distance between specific pairs of chord symbol components (much the same as the kerning table in a font, but working at the level of kerning specific pairs of components). Provided you’re only trying to adjust the horizontal positions of components, it may be a good idea for us to look at modifying the kerning table rather than trying to edit them using the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances dialog.

Thank you, Daniel,

Looking forward to the update.