Chord symbols Template

I am trying to create a chord symbols of my way.
but every time you access the chord layout the program keeps thinking and stops.

I would also like to know if there isn’t an easier way to standardize my chords, without having to re-draw them all, just redrawing by function and accidentals

I would like it to show (9) and not add9

and some font sizes for example from Maj7

but if i have to do this for each chord i will have to do 12 scripts for each chord

Have you customized the chord symbol appearance presets? See here for Dorico Pro, or here for Dorico Elements.

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Hi Lilie, thanks so much your reply, yes I do, I do my customisation, but when I try o simplify “ADD9” its so hard.
its only accept ADD9 and I don’t want “ADD” I want to use only 9 (Its to try my way, I know that I can writr Cm9 and people will play Cm79. Some times for a kind of musicians I prefer specific all)
If I use Cmaj7 add9 that’s its to much bigger

Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Alterations > Appearance of added notes
(the 6th choice in that section) – unless I’m misunderstanding the question.

Those customization options alter how chord symbols appear, but they don’t change what you must enter into the popover so that Dorico correctly understands what chord symbol you want.

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I am trying to create a chord symbols of my way.
but every time you access the chord layout the program keeps thinking and stops.

I continue trying to edit my own chords but either in my Lap top and in my Desktop Dorico Start not responding

Then I need to restart Dorico, and again start plugin scan.Nightmare!

Can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can see what’s happening?

Dorico (2.0 MB)

Sorry, I’m on a deadline and don’t have time to search for the setting, but it’s certainly easy enough to input 9ths. Check Engraving Options/Chords or possibly Note Input Options. I’m sure there’s a setting there somewhere because this is what I get by default:

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Thats works, but I am trying don’t lose the 7 when I write the 9.
its a little old school way , I know

my english is not the best but i will try to be more specific.
I in version 3.5 made a big list of modifications to the chords, (Chord Symbol appearance) and they appeared to me when lit at the end of ENGRAVE OPTIONS I opened it and the list was there.
They don’t appear anymore, but if I type C9 the chord will appear as I formatted C79. Now it doesn’t appear for me anymore.

These were manually edited, but which way are you looking to have it display, 7(9), or 79?

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 22.22.20
Thats what I programmed in my own Chord Symbols aparence.
But I needed to do each single chord.
The problem its that I can’t found more my own librarian

Go into Library > Chord Symbols and all of the chord symbol appearances you have promoted to be defaults for that project will appear there, and from there you can click the star button to save them in your user library for use in later projects.

Very thanks Daniel.
Two questions.
1-When i access the Chord Lybrarian and do my modifications and clic on the new chord from the left popmenu. The colored ball star to think and dorico stop to response.
2- Where i can acces my old chords mods? All that i did on my 3.5 and i saved by default?

All of your saved settings from Dorico 3.5 should have been automatically migrated when you installed Dorico 4, provided you’re installing on the same computer. Did you install Dorico 4 on the same computer that you previously ran Dorico 3.5 on?