Chord Track - can you remove the bass?

Quick question,

Can you remove the bass note played by the chord track? I’ve not been able to find an option for this.



You have not given enough info to answer the question. A bass note is not always added, in the piano voicings for instance.

This is quite stupid! Not only that but once you use a chord again further down the line, the voicing is completely different and you can not change this??? Why you use cant select the keys on the bottom of the chord track is beyond me.

The only way I know how to do this is to select all the chords > option/alt > drag chords to a midi track and edit from there.

Simply turn off atomatic voicings and scales.

Thanks for both answers, this will work fine!

I was having the same issue,
in my case I was using the Cantus Virtual instrument, thought I could quickly set up Chords using Chord track,
but it adds a bass note, which happens to be the Cantus voice change notes

I discovered that by going to [Chord pads] - [Player Setup]
and then choosing “Custom” in Chord Voicing Style
and disabling the 4 or 5 note chords,

Chord player then only plays triad chords, which removes the bass note.
but it does limit the chord selection somewhat
This worked for me, in stripping out the bass notes that were causing voicing changes in “Cantus” and also “session strings 2”

Select chord track. In inspector go to Voicing => Configure voicing parameters and uncheck Add Root Note. For chord pads go to Show/Hide Player Setup => Chord Voicing Style => Custom… uncheck add root note. That should do the trick. :wink: