chord track chord placement

I notice when I place chords in the chord track that they don’t always “land” exactly on the beat and it’s hard to
accurately drag them there. Is there a way to highlight all of the chords in a track and have them align properly to the
beats where they are slightly off? Thanks.

Chord events are just like any other events in Cubase, inasmuch as their placement depends upon the Snap and Quantize settings.
Also, for those that are “not exactly where you want”, you can simply quantize them :wink:.

thanks. I thought it was an issue of quantizing but I wasn’t seeing the Q button on the menu bar because there were too many things there and it was off screen. Once I removed several I saw it, changed the quantize setting and successfully aligned all of my chords.

You know that you can save/recall the views of the extended toolbars? (right-click in a blank space on the toolbar and click on “Setup”)