Chord Track Chords to Markers for use as text

Can you copy the chords from the chord track to the marker track ?
So if you export a song to another DAW you you will have the chords as makers in the midi file.


Is there any way I can copy the chord name to text ? then I can script it to write to makers.
In Studio One I can do that but I can’t see it in Cubase.
I need to get the chords into the Biab Plugin as below it’s reading the markers in the midi file not the chord notes:

I found you can drag the chord to a midi track, it has the name but how to I get that to makers or how to I copy that name ?
As you can see the top track in Reaper is from Cubase and has no markers.
Is Cubase 11 any better ?

You can copy the name of the resulting midi parts from the info line.

At the top left above the inspector is the name that can be copied, then if I “insert and name marker” it will paste + enter. But I don’t know how to Edit the name above the inspector with a menu or hot key ? Not sure what the midi items are called in Cubase ?
And move to next midi item ?

If I maximize the window then send a left mouse click at the Name position it will edit the name and is highlighted so it can be copied to the clipboard. Unless there is a shortcut ?
So if the user selects the first chord midi item I need it to move the edit cursor there so when the script sends “insert and name marker” it will insert at the correct position.
If I send right cursor key it will select the next item so I need the edit cursor to move there.
Is there a way to automatically create the midi chord items rather than dragging manually ?
Chord to Midi creates a whole track.
If you just select all the chords and drag to a midi track seems like the easiest way.

The functionality you want seems pretty niche and perhaps you’re better off posting it as a feature request. However, I think this link might be useful: CUBASE :: MARKERS TO CUE SHEET

There is a key command for getting the focus on the info line.

I typed “info” in the key commands and found “edit info line”
whats the best way to access that ? add a hotkey ?
I also found “L” to move cursor to selected item.

Thanks !
This is working ok now, I had to do it slow for accuracy, it could be tweaked.
I put these in:
Edit > Key Commands
search “Edit Info Line”
assign keys: alt+Shift+e
search “Insert and name Maker”
assign keys: alt+Shift+m

AutoHotKey script:

WinActivate, ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
Sleep, 100
SendInput, l
Sleep, 100
SendInput, +!E
Sleep, 100
SendInput, ^{c}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, {ENTER}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, +!M
Sleep, 500
SendInput, ^{v}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, {Enter}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, !{F4}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, {RIGHT}  

Nice script!

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Thanks, I put it in the code tags originally but but they weren’t showing on a new line.
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I tried to drag the midi file out of the Save dialog but it wouldn’t.
And the Plugin window needs to be taken off of “Always On Top” for it to stay always on top !