Chord Track editor shows wrong notes

1、This is what Chord Assistant shows C#9 chord:

And C#11 shows the same

Actually they are both C6.

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Which notes did you play on your keyboard, please? Which payer do you have selected? Is it new in Cubase 12?

I can confirm this when clicking to select notes in the chord

But it’s not as simple as that, because it depends on the instrument setting, plus, Voicing setup for Guitar and Piano, which limit which notes are used in order to resemble chords that could actually be played on those instruments.

If you set the instrument to Basic, the display is correct. Personally, I always only use the Basic instrument, since it shows pretty much all possible voicings. Also, note that more note combinations can be used when you input using the midi keyboard than the alpha keyboard.

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If you open a support ticket with Steinberg, they can forward this bug to the developers. They’ve done that with a few bugs I’ve recently found in 12.

Well, I did not press any key on my keyboard.
It’s the latest version of Cubase 12
Now I have known why that happened . Steve had answered my question below.

Thank you!!!
You are Soooooooo Right!
It goes right after I changed the instrument to Basic.

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Thank you for your information!
I have got the answer .
Still Thanks!