Chord Track help - sound when selecting chords


I know how to use the Chord track to trigger sound from a VST.
But, my problem is that i’d like to hear the chord when i click on the chord track, on a chord, or when in the editor, when i click different chord to try them. Right now i have no sound and i have to playback each time i want to try / test a chord, it’s really annoying.
In all the youtube tutorial i see, they have sound when clicking on the chord…no idea how it’s possible as it doesn’t work on my end

Any idea?

In the chord track inspector there should be an option for Acoustic feedback (iirc )

Chord Track Inspector (

Thanks for taking the time to help.
Yeah i saw this box to tick, and it is ticked, but still no sound!


Any MIDI/Instrument Track has to be Record Enabled so the MIDI data are routed to the given MIDI/Instrument Track (if you are using the default settings: Select Track for Auditioning: Use Monitored).

I think it’s what i’m doing, but still no sound when i click to try chords in the circle of fifth for example


The problem is, the MIDI Channel is set to Any. I have tried this and it works the same here on my side. The MIDI/Instrument track has to use dedicated MIDI Channel 1-16, not the Any.

Martin, genius! Thank you so much.
It as really bugging me and i wanted to understand why, now i do.
Still a weird behavior no, why not allowing the sound to go through when midi channel is set as ‘any’?
Anyway, a big thank you


I would expect the Chord Tracks sends the MIDI data at Channel 1 by default. Just by routing it to the MIDI/Instrument track would change the MIDI Channel, same as any MIDI Message of the given MIDI Track, if you set dedicated MIDI Track in the output.

For example the On-Screen Keyboard works with the MIDI Track set to Any. Chord Pads don’t work. :thinking: