Chord Track, how do I get notes from a bass line?

I am trying to find chords from midi with Chord track,I know I should just look at the piano roll.

I select “track for auditioning” and select the Instrument Track I want to use to get Chords from in the chord track,I Have Monitoring and record Switched on in the Instrument track and the Chord Track
but I get nothing written from Chord Track.

Lost at this stage.

What I did to me looks very logical and practical but this is Cubase we are talking about,it’s runs in an entirely different language.

If you have a MIDI part, drag’n’drop it onto the Chord track.
If you want to create the chords from the Chord track on a MIDI part, select the involved chords and drag’n’drop onto the MIDI/Instrument track.

So the “Select track for Audition” does not work in real time?

What is it there for then?

I just want Chord Track to read the Instrument track midi file in Real Time.

OK,I dragged the midi to the Chord track,A dialog box came up asking me What I wanted ,I selected bass notes.

I got NOTHING from Chord Track.


No idea how to use Chord track.

AFAIK it lets you only select through which track (=instrument) the chords should be played back that you have created on the chords track. It is just for listening, not for recording.
For finding out which chords are being used you just drag the midi part onto the chord track. Super simple.

I dragged the midi part onto the Chord track but there is NOTHING showing.

Which version of Cubase are you using? Pro, Artist, Element? Which version number?

This is the page from the online help:

Cubase 12 Pro 12.0.40.

I dragged midi onto the Chord track three times now,the dialog box comes up (Include Bass Notes,Include tensions,Detect Arpeggios and Interpret Sustain Pedal)which are all ticked,I hit OK and then NOTHING HAPPENS.

Are there any chords in your MIDI part? Can you post a screenshot of the MIDI part as seen in the key editor?

It’s a single bass line.

I thought the Chord track detects notes,then placesthem on the Chord track after reading the Midi notes.

It was just to detect so I could adjust a vocal line’s audio properly but now i can’t even get Melodyne essential to work properly lol.

I adjusted the vocal notes to the vocal lineAudio in the Melodyne editor but when i play Cubase ,it plays the original notes.

I’m done,I thought this DAW would be much easier.

It is a nightmare.

I will have depression by the time I finish doing anything in this Daw.

The ONLY thing I love in Cubase is Midi Remote,i have two pages of stuff i can switch between with my Novation Impulse whichI set up myself from scratch(so i can’t be THAT dumb),that part of Cubase is awesome but to do anything practical in the DAW itself,a nightmare for me.

Chord track and now Melodyne essential just aren’t practical or functional.

This is not how it can work, I’m afraid.
If there is just one note there is no way for Cubase to know which chord this could be as there are many possibilities.
E.g. if you play a C and we take that as the 1st note of the chord, the chords could be C major, C minor, C diminished, C augmented, C Sus4, C sus2, and so on.

I mean no offense but in this case it is not the software. Your expectations are unrealistic. Or maybe you haven’t quite understood what a chord is.

Reading yours above from a different perspective maybe you want Cubase to give you suggestions which chords to use by analyzing your bass line. To suggest a chord progression. This feature is not present in Cubase. I believe there are web sites which offer such a service.

As Johnny suggest, probably unrealistic to have cubase work out your chords from the bass line, but if you can see what the notation of the bass line, then you stand a good chance of working out whether its a major or minor scale, and from there, you stand a good chance of approximating the chord progression.
But yeh, if it’s just a single note for long periods, then there are literally dozens of possibilities.