Chord Track messed up

So this happened: I was composing and used the chord track and it was weird. So I closed the project opened an empty one and the same strange thing happened:

  • I created a midi track and played some chords
  • Then converted these to chordsymbols on the chordtrack. As far as I can tell all the chords were displayed and named correctly (I double checked the notes and also the naming function in the score editor - everything seems to be fine)
  • Then I drag the chords from the chord track to a new midi track and cubase still names all these correctly (see green arrows)
  • but when I open the midi events I can see that cubase change notes in almost every chord and when I let cubase analyse this new chord I get a different name (see orange arrows).

So now when I play the two midi tracks together (which should contain the exact same notes and cubase still claims these are the same notes!) it sounds horribly wrong…
Anybody an idea what is happening?

I use cubase pro 11.4 on a windows laptop.


The notes, you have entered, could be interpreted both ways, as Amin7/11/E and Emin7/b13.

Could you click to the Amin7/11/E Chord symbol, so we can see the description int he Info Line of the Project window, please?

Thanks Martin for your answer.
I know this - but they are not exactly the same. And this is my point: the little diffenrence in the chords sound terrible.
If I open both of the midi files at the same time you can see the original one (above/red) and the one
out of the chord track (bellow/purple) contain mostly the same notes but some are changed for the worst…

the info in the infoline for one chord symbol does show the same notes as in the midi track…


So if I understand you right:

  • You played E-C-D-G-B.
  • Then you create Chord symbols out of this.
  • Cubase interpreted it as Amin7/11/E
  • You drag and dropped this Amin7/11/E chord to other MIDI track.
    => The notes are E-C-D-G-A.

Am I right?

The problem is, once you create the Chord Symbol from MIDI, Cubase doesn’t work with your exact notes anymore. It really converts the MIDI Notes to the Chord symbol and forget the source. So if you were dropping some notes or you were adding some extra notes, they are (or are not) part of the Chord Symbol anymore.

And the second thing is, once you drag and drop it from the Chord track to the MIDI track, even the the player and voicing of the Chord tracks are applied. So you can get different MIDI Notes then the source was.

In your case, Cubase decided, the Chord symbol is Amin7/11/E. But obviously the root note A was missing in your “cluster”. As you dragged and dropped it back to the MIDI track, Cubase was dragging the Amin7/11/E chord, so obviously, the root note A must be there. Amin11 is: A-C-E-G-B-D. Because of the voicing you have selected, Cubase decided towrope the B note out. And because of the /E, Cubase made the inversion E-C-D-G-A.

But that should have been C Maj7 add 2, or C Maj7 add 9 right? Sometimes the interpretation is wrong in the first place. That’s pretty convoluted “thinking” on the part of the algorithm.


Yes, it could be Cmaj7 add9 /E too.

I believe the algorithm takes also the surrounding cords in account, therefore the Amib7/11/E had been chosen.

But it’s the first chord. Sometimes the algo does not work.

No - the other way around. I played the red ones, the purple ones were created by chord track.
So I played E-C-D-G-A which is called Amin7/11/E and does not contain B!!! But the chord I get from chordtrack contains this note which is just not what I want.
So now between the two midi tracks there sounds a b9 and that is not helping at all!

Ok - that I get. Maybe that’s the problem.
But still why is there A# in my second chord - that is just wrong!

E-C-D-G-A is just Cmaj69. The chord symbol spelling Cubase arrived at is wrong to begin with, so the premise of this discussion should be is different in my opinion.

For me, the issue is that Cubase could choose such an overly complicated spelling for a tonic chord.

That is also possible. Both would be fine with me - the naming in both cases is not what bothers me, but could be part of the problem.
To me it’s worse that I get additional notes that weren’t there before…