Chord Track missing chord from midi event

Is this normal behavior or a bug?

The chord at bar 11 is the same as the preceding chord. But shouldn’t the cord track also display the Emaj7 on bar 11?

I have made a screen print to show the chord track with the midi event below it. I hope it is clear. The midi event is what I dragged on to the chord track.
C13.0.30. Win 10.

I don’t think it’s a bug, but normal and desirable behavior, since the chord doesn’t change.

For example, one could drag a rhythm guitar or piano track (midi or audio) into the chord track.

One wouldn’t want to see the rhythm reflected as a multitude of chord events showing the same chord over and over.

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If I play a chord in the midi even and the chord track is supposed to trigger another instrument, surely it should trigger EVERY cord I had in the original event.
Imagine you have a strumming going on every 1/8 for a bar, but only get one chord from the chord track. Makes no sense to me.

Let us see if Steinberg can comment.

The Chord Track is meant to serve the same purpose as Chord Symbols on sheet music which also only shows the changes. It’s not really intended to contain rhythmic information, only harmonic. That said, you can pair it with things designed to generate rhythm like arpeggiators or strumming VSTi’s to good effect.


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