Chord Track, New Voicings not updating onto chord track and sometimes the chords won't drag and drop

Hello there.

Two Items:

Writing with the chord track on and start to choose some chords from the Chord Tiles at the bottom of Cubase 11 screen, when changing the voicing on the Tiles lower screen and then try to drag it to the chord track, it still continues to play the prior voicing on the chord track and wont change it to the one I am hearing on the Tile . So Chord track has the prior voicing playing and the Tile at the bottom of screen has the new voicing I want to use but when I drag it into place on the Chord Track it’s the older voicing that I don’t want.

Second thing sometimes I drag a Chord Tile from the bottom of the screen and try to drop it into the chord track and it just shows X (On the Chord Track) and did not move it to the chord track. I do see posts about problems dragging chords but don’t see Chord Voicing problems

Hi and welcome,

I cannot reproduce this. In the track, I can hear the same voicing I have set on the Chord Pads pad.

This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Thanks Martin for your response. It is odd because if I drag the tile up to the chord track after changing the voicing of the chord on the tile on lower screen, I should hear that same change when I drag it upwards. It’s seems stuck on the prior voicing.