Chord track not showing chord symbols on the right beat/measure after importing from cubase

When I import the cubase project in VST live that has chord track. The chord track in VST live is showing the chord symbols in wrong position. What am I doing wrong?


can you please give me your Cubase project (*.cpr)? I don’t need the media, just the project.

Thank you,

Here you go.

Allah Hoo QS Audio.cpr (285 KB)

Thanks for the project!
You have set a Bar Display Offset in Cubase, that is why events are offset by that in VST Live. We will check to include it when exporting.

Thank you. That make sense. I did not think about that.

Also is there a way to make the chord symbols display resolution setup like cubase as well. In the track view, the chord symbols are useless as it does not show the full chord.

Thanks again for your help.