Chord Track, Pads, songwriting features

Some features I am hoping for in the next update :

  • if selecting all chord pads, then transpose all at once, it would be good to have the key indicated, and the Circle of Fifths follow ?

  • currently the chord assistant only gives options for the selected chord, but ignores other chords already in place so many choices are not in the key

  • cannot drag chord from chord track to chord pads

  • cannot drag chord from piano roll or main window to chord pads

  • cannot drag chord from Chord Pad to piano roll

  • would be nice to see Roman or Numeral Chord Progression numbers in the chord pads and in the Chord Track (with option to turn off in chord track)

  • crazy idea perhaps but I wish the chord track could have a transpose function that would change all chords on the track and change all midi and audio in the project, non destructively, to help audition a song in a different key. Maybe with a menu with options to decide what to do with audio in particular.

If I got something wrong please show me the way.
Those have been discussed but I feel Cubase still lacks some kind of overall integration between Chord Track / Pads to make songwriting easier regardless of music theory knowledge. Thanks!

I think all of those items have a Transpose field on the Info Line. So you should be able to Select everything you want to change and edit the transpose value via the Info Line.

You’re amazing Raino, it actually does work !!
The only thing I could not do was get the chords on the chord track to follow with the Transpose.
With some luck there’ll be exciting developments with regards to songwriting assistance, both in terms of key and chords, song structure and signature, and more.
Thanks again Raino, this helped me out !

Oh yeah, you’re right the Chords don’t have a Transpose field. You’d need to do the Chords as a separate step. Select all the Chords and change the value for Root Note on the Info Line.