Chord track question - possible to get an rythm played

When using chord track you can have the chords played on a monitored track, so far so good.

What I try to do (but still doesn’t work if possible at all) to play a reggae pattern (rythm on 2 and the 4) instead of the full whole note on the 1, is this even possible?


You can use Chord Pads, for this. You can prepare your “space of chords” in the Chord Pad. And then, you can play them rhythmically from a keyboard, or you can drag-and-drop any MIDI pattern in the Chord Pad Settings area. This pattern will be playback, once you trigger the Chord Pad.

Hi Martin, thanks, this is a nice alternative.

What I’m trying to accomplish needs a bit more explaining.

When I setup a chord track I want the auditioning playback certain patterns by default instead of the long note on measure 1.
Normally I use Virtual guitarist for this, I can play various guitar rythms incuding reggae for example, but I want Halion or Kontakt to be able to do the same, so some patterns would be nice.

I guess this belongs to the Feature request corner :slight_smile:

Unless I am completely misunderstanding, record your rhythm onto your MIDI/Instrument track… doesn’t matter what notes you play, but for each “tap”, play as many notes as in the desired chord. Then, in the Chord tab of that MIDI track, activate “Follow Chords” and “Live Transform”. Mute the Chord Track itself, so that it doesn’t play the straight chords as well.

You could put a chord on each beat of the measure (you’ll need change the Grid Type from Bar to Beat to do this). Leave the chords on 1 & 3 as X which makes them act like a rest. Then put the chords you want played on 2 & 4. You might find this easier to do for the whole song if you select sections of chords and copy them to elsewhere in the song (Alt+drag).

I’ve also had fun putting an arpeggiator in a MIDI Insert on the playback track.