Chord Track Recording - Auto-quantize & Multiple Chords

Hi there!

I’m trying to make more use of the Chord Track but a few key issues are causing issues:

  • Recording: Is there any way to auto-quantize the recording of chords, or quantize the events after recording? As most chord changes are on strong identifiable beats (i.e. the first beat of every bar) it seems strange that I can’t do this automatically. Closest solution I’ve found is clicking/dragging afterwards, though that doesn’t work for multiple simultaneously.

  • Multiple Chords: When I play some more complex voicings Cubase gives me 2 or sometimes 3 different options (see attached image) - is there any way to ensure I’m only ever given one?

Also, I can’t find a way to search this forum for ‘Chord Track’ as it will always remove ‘Track’, regardless of if I use ‘+Track’ or any other syntax! I’d greatly appreciate someone’s input into ways I can actually search for ‘Chord Track’!




  1. Yes, you can use Auto-Q. Why you don’t just drag-and-drop from the Chord track to the MIDI/Instrument track? Or did you record directly to the Chord Track? Then hopefully the Auto-Q could work too. And the quantise function too, I would expect (but I’m not with Cubase right now).

  2. This seems to be a bug to me. You should get one chord symbol only, as far as I know. Did you record directly to the Chord Track?

Hi Martin,

  1. Quantise does work, I hadn’t realised! Auto-Q doesn’t though if you’re recording directly onto the Chord Track, though the workaround you’ve suggested of recording the chords Auto-Q’ed on another MIDI/Inst track then using ‘Create Chord Symbols’ works well.

  2. Yes I recorded directly onto the Chord Track.