Chord Track recording issue: Confirmed buggy behavior.

Perhaps I am missing the obvious but when recording Chord Pads to the Chord Track in real time in CB Pro 9.02 (using either a midi keyboard or clicking on the Chords Pads with a mouse as the song is playing) the Chord Track is unable to record the same note/chord more than once in succession. As an example, playing Chord Pads G G G Em results in only G_____Em being recorded. This is a feature or . . . ? Any help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you. (Thankfully Beethoven wasn’t using the chord pads when he wrote the 5th :wink: )

Edit: This behavior has been (graciously!) confirmed by other forum members. Although no one can definitively state that this is a bug except Steinberg (and it would be great if they would) I can see absolutely no reason why the Chord Track should not record all of the notes played, not just some of them.

I re-posted this in the “Issues” forum. Or perhaps I’m the only one seeing this behavior.

I know everyone is busy but I would really appreciate it if someone could confirm this for me. (It won’t take 2 minutes!) :nerd: Just arm the Chord Track, begin recording and play the same note on a Chord Pad a few times in a row. Does the Chord Track record it properly . . .or just once? Thank you!

Yes, I see what you see but FWIW, that’s not the way I use Chord Track (not something I use often).

If you arm another track as well as the Chord Track then you’ll get the chords recorded each time you press the key/mouse click onto the other track.

Thank you for that planarchrist. Appreciated. Yes, the way you mentioned is actually the way I’ve been doing it, since the Chord Track doesn’t record it properly. I assume this is a bug (unless its a feature . . . ).

That’s how it’s supposed to work, I guess. The idea is that you will have another track that contains rhythmic material, and the chords are sounded by that track, so there’s no need for adjacent identical chords.

Thanks, Steve. Yup, I do understand that . . . but having things recorded correctly in the Chord Track makes experimenting with different chords nearly effortless (as compared to changing midi data on a track . . . or multiple tracks which the Chord Track does perfectly). But maybe I just don’t understand :confused: . Perhaps someone from Steinberg could tell us if this is a bug or by design?

Could be a bug, maybe. But considering the logic behind the chord track and it’s various uses, I tend to think not.

Are you just recording chords onto the chord track and you want the rhythm you play repeatedly on a given chord to show up on the chord track?

I tend to agree with Steve that it’s this way by design…although you can repeat a chord on chord track if you manually enter the chord placements using the pencil tool and then select which chord it is. Or copy and paste. So the Chord track is capable of displaying a repeated chord…

Not sure if that helps or not (or even suggests whether the current behaviour is a bug).

I’d still rather use it the way I do as I can then edit notes in chords and add other elements but each to their own obviously.

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