Chord Track recording issue: Confirmed buggy behavior.

I’m sure I’m missing the obvious (as per my usual) but when recording the Chord Pads to the Chord Track in CB Pro 9.02 (using either a midi keyboard or clicking on the Chords Pads with a mouse as the song is playing) the Chord Track is unable to record the same note/chord more than once in succession. As an example, playing Chord Pads G G G Em results in only G_____Em being recorded. This is a feature or . . . ? Any help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you. (Thankfully Beethoven wasn’t using the chord pads when he wrote the 5th :wink: )

This behavior has been (graciously!) confirmed by other forum members. Although no one can definitively state that this is a bug except Steinberg (and it would be great if they would) I can see absolutely no reason why the Chord Track itself should not record all of the notes/chords played, not just some of them. Thank you for looking into this.

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