Chord Track Scale Track cannot use Flats


I am trying to use the Chord Track to set the song key using a scale track. The problem is I can’t use flats like Ebmaj. I have to use D# Major instead. Am I doing something wrong? Why can’t I use flats in the song scale in a Chord Track?


Preferences>Event Display - Chords & Pitches
Check out:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the information. I do have that checked currently. It might be my confusion, but when I use a chord track and I am only using it to indicate the key(scale) the song should be using. There is a little keyboard that pops up so that you can pick the key/scale. You cannot indicate a flat key. For example Eb would have to be D#. I know they are the same, but visually I might want to see that Eb and NOT the D#. Hope this make sense.

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Yeah, most lists in menus have been fixed over the years- but certain ones still only show sharps. Still, notes are spelled correctly in the Key and Score Editor. Note that the Score Editor has its own pref in Score Settings>Project>Accidentals

Try this:
Insert a chord onto the chord track, and leave it undefined: ‘X’.

With that chord selected, observe the “root key” field in the info-line. It displays the correct enharmonic spellings, including mixing flats and sharps in the same key.

So use this menu instead of the scale menu, it fulfills the same function.

btw, though the note D# is the same as Eb on a piano keyboard, “D# major” is an impossibility since it would have to include
two double sharps for a total of 9 sharps! :laughing:

Hey Steve,

Man you got me laughing at your “btw” comment! Thanks for the tip. I will try this this evening to check out your method.

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Several versions back we had no flats at all, only sharps. Then they introduced flats. But the sharps fought back and there were whole menus where flats were not yet welcome. But as the war has continued there are only tiny corners of Cubase which do not have flats. In time flats will roam freely across the entire DAW. Brave composers await that day.