Chord Track & Strings


I’m using a chord track with some slow strings (VST) but the timing is not right.

Is there a way I can “offset” when the strings come in on each chord change (simulating when players would start to bow the strings ) ?

Thank you.

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Is the timing issue do to the volume envelope of the strings–or only happening if they follow the Chord track?

If it’s “built-in” to the string sounds itself, then you can:
A) add a negative value to the track offset on the MIDI Channel (below the pan slider). This will make notes play earlier across-the-board.

B) Fix the issue permanently by editing the attack in the synth’s editor. But this might not be an option with a sampled library. Try another sample set?

If it’s only happening when MIDI is sent by Chord track, then I’m not sure…

In theory, the Chord track does have an available offset of +/-100 MIDI ticks (which isn’t enormous in any case). However, I have just tried it here, and it didn’t seem to affect the MIDI track that was monitoring the Chord Track at all :confused:. (and the delay offset that is available on the MIDI track doesn’t affect this either).
If your Chord Track is monitored only by these “slow strings”, the best I can think of, is to actually select all the chords on the Chord track, and drag them a little earlier.

Make sure to turn off snap before moving or they’ll likely be real early. You shouldn’t need to move them much.

i would suggest to use a dummy track and just drag the notes from the chord track.

then once there move them back untill it sounds better.

Since chord tracks support track versions you could just make a second version and modify that if you are concerned about getting back to your original. But if your current chords are initially snapped to the grid it would be easy enough to slip them back in place on the Chord Track as-is after you moved them.