Chord Track: Support for 2 Note "Chords"

It would be of immense help if the Chord Track supported two note chords. I understand two note Chords are not really chords, but they are used extensively in some genres. For example, Trance music makes use of two note Chords.

It is very annoying when I use the chord creation wizard and it adds nothing when a two note chord is encountered. It gives an incorrect idea of the chord progression.

The display could be simple. For example, A-C, or A-E etc. etc.

I hope we get this on the next version of Cubase!



So how would the Chord track determine what the chord it encounters is, if it only has two notes? I.e., A-C could be from Amin, C6, F, Dm7.

Where the two note chord comes from is irrelevant. A two note chord would only be labeled by the two notes it comprises. For example, and A-C chord would be labeled A-C.

What would also be cool, is depending on the chord progression, having the ability to convert the two note chord into a three note chord if you wish. If there is more than one choice, giving you the ability to choose one.

My question was: When Cubase encounters a 2 note chord, how does it determine what it is for the purpose of prediticting new chord possibilities- not what Cubase would call the chord.

I see now. I believe context is important (scale, position in progression etc). In addition, the choice could be limited to only the set of available three note chords and current scale. Therefore, from your example chords from above: Amin, C6, F, Dm7, your set becomes either Amin, or F. So for prediction purposes, it could be both: The union of the set of chords that you can get from Amin, plus the set of chords that you can get from F.

I also believe that 2 note chords should be a special type of chord and should not be used in suggestions, otherwise it would certainly clutter the list of chord suggestions.

Or even better, limit the prediction to the chords in your Chord Pad. So if your chord pad has Amin, but not F, the two note chord can substitute Amin for prediction purposes.

Would it not be easier to make it possible to add and name “special” chords yourself ?

I’d love to. Is there a way to create 2 note chords in Chord tracker? Also, even when I analyze a midi track, 2 note chords are not interpreted at all.

Great idea however it is implemented. The correct term is “dyad.”

Yes, especially since there are chords that Cubase doesn’t have in its set.

For me that is not the solution. Cause a two note chord comes from a 3 notes chord with one note removed.

An example: you have a chord with A-C und you would use this for strings or an bassline (follow the chord-track). It’s wrong, still in electronic production. Here you use for the strings hole chord for example Amin or F etc.
And next question what is the root Note? And mostly you need it for the bass.

So i think in this cases you musst to think wich chord you choose (3 Notes) and paint it manually. Thats no big deal and i often make it this way. Cause i understand that 2 note “chords” often are useful for leads not to sound too full.

I disagree! The root for the two note becomes the lower note, which ever it is. In this case, if the two note chord is A-C the root becomes the A.

Technically speaking, two note chords are not chords, but in this case I think they need to be treated to some degree as chords. Think of it this way: when you have a two note chord, more possibilities exist for the next progression.

I will go a step further: they should also have one note chords! Same note but different octave. In that case, the possibilities towards the next chord is a lot lot more.

+1 for at least power 5th chords and straight octave unisons. Both of these are individual and powerful ‘chords’ when used alongside the usual chords that might be played. Sometimes notated as e.g. C(5) or C5 and C(8) or C8.


I know this thread had been dormant for 1½ years, so maybe its focus has shifted… anyway I’m pretty sure that this remains an open issue in 8.5.

To summarize the discussion: the term “chord” generally refers to three or more different notes which imply a scale. A pair of notes (or a single note) is not technically a chord. On the other hand, the “chord track” is a guide in Cubase for which notes are more or less appropriate at which times — which raises the possibility that one- or two-note, non-chordal musical events could be useful on a “chord track.”

One limited-implementation suggestion would be a way for the user to alter the appearance of the no-chord “X” symbol on the chord track, so at a minimum the user could indicate, e.g., “C# power chord” at measure 52.

But add me to the list of those hoping that Cubase can figure out how to implement less-than-triads in the chords track!

I think the best solution is not for Cubase to have predefined 2-note chords. Specifically because there is an inherent ambiguity about what the chord actually is… In the A-C example one person might see as an incomplete Am while another as an F. There is no “right” answer for this. And as sure as flats are always sharps :wink: , Cubase will use the one that you don’t want.

A better and more flexible approach would be to support user defined chords. You’d have an editor where you could define chords of any number of notes based on their intervals with whatever name you prefer. So an F-NoRoot & and an A-No5th would both be the notes A-C, while an F-No5th would be the notes F-A. This allows 2-note chords named so they make sense to you. Additionally it would allow us to add the kirjillion other chords missing from Cubase. If we could save chord definitions as files Cubase users could create an extensive library of exotic chords.

User defined chords is the way to go for sure. I can’t wait when Cubase supports this…