Chord Track Voice Leading Question

I’ve created simple chord progression: C -> F -> G -> C

When I drag and drop this on Midi track, the voices leading has parallel fifths which is a mistake in harmony theory.

Vocing: Piano
Adaptive Voicing: Yes
Automatic Scales: Yes
Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.30

How to achieve that chord progression in Chord Track would be transformed into Midi track in according to voicing rules of music?

Please advise.

Thank you!

Hi ou, unfortunately i do not know whether the voice leading can be controlled in the way you obviously need it.

The claim that parallel fifths are a mistake in harmony theory is not universal (they are not general “voicing rules of music”) - it refers to styles of music that used to follow strictly polyphonic voicings (iow independent voices, no “vertical”/harmony based logic applied). AFAIK cubase does not support that - the voicings follow more modern and contemporary “polyphony” with strong “vertical” (i.e. harmonic/Harmony based) logic NOT focussing on independent voices (voicings). In this (more modern) part of harmony theory the strict rule of “ancient” polyphonic voicing do not apply.

Having said that we could wish for strict polyphony support in cubase of course. But we must not forget that it is fundamentally wrong to base such voicings on “harmonies”. Remember: the voices are considered to be independent lines of music - this is the focus of this composing-apporach you are talking about. But again: Yes, cubase could support hat - and even more, it could suggest contrapunctual voices…