Chord track voicing

Can anyone help with question regarding chord track. If I play a chord on the midi control to input into the chord track I don’t (at times) get the exact chord voicing that I have played in the chord track.I know I can edit it after the fact but am I doing something wrong or is this normal? I also know you can change voicing via a drop down list but I have also noticed I can do this for every chord in the chord track.All I want to be able to do is input the exact notes I play on my midi controller into the chord track.

Do you have automatic voicing activated?
It resides in the inspector section of the chord track.
Not sure if this will do it but it is the only thing that comes to mind right now.


In that case, record the chords into a midi part and then use the menu command: Project>Chords Track>Make Chords. (Set the locators to contain the section to be transcribed.)

Also, have you checked out the chord tools in the Key Editor?

Thanks guys i try those options and see how it goes.This might be something that could be looked at by Steinberg for a future update to make it easier to input the exact voicing played straight into tge chord track.

That’s a good idea imo.