chord track

after i make a chord track and work with my first synth and i make another synth, is there a way to bypass the new synths i add into the project from the chord track, aside from making a midi track, bt when i add a new vst as instrument.
Thank you loving the new cubase btw <3

I can’t understand what you’re asking. Can you reword your question?

If I am understanding you correctly, you have your Chord Track set to the default option, “Use Monitored Tracks” (which will, logically enough :wink:, play the chord track on any MIDI/Instrument track that is record/monitor-enabled). You can, instead, set the Chord Track to play a specific MIDI/Instrument track from the same dropdown menu as “Use Monitored Tracks”.

thank you that was it

Hallo, how could I make midi track from Chord Track? Because the command Chord track to MIDI doesn t work. How could I use chord track to make arpeggios from chords? Actually I can only use it with pads…


For Chord track to MIDI to work, you need to select the track on which you want the new midi events to appear.