Chord Track


is there a way to export the chord track to txt-file or similar?

So I could add some hints and send it to people without Cubase 7/8 and use it as chord-guide…


You can use the Score Editor for this (without having to really learn that editor).

  1. create an empty MIDI Part the length of your Chord Track.
  2. Open it in the Score Editor
  3. On the Scores/Advanced Layout menu select Show Chord Track
  4. Print out this score

Also depending on what OS you are using (hint, hint putting your system specs in your signature is a good idea), you can use one of many free print to PDF programs available for PCs. I understand that there are some issues around printing to PDF on a Mac that I can’t comment on.

I didn’t knew this, thanks raino

Awesome, thanks raino!