Chord tremolo

Hey, why am I not allowed to make a tremolo between the two chords in the end of bar 29? To be sure, the rhythm is not straight-forward, but in theory it should work. I’ve tried forcing the duration so that both chords have the same rhytmic spelling. I’ve also tried unbeaming the first one. No success so far …

I believe that Dorico will only make a tremolo between two “single note” values.
In other words, the fact that both values in your desired tremolo are not realizable as “single notes” means you will have to use another notation.

Since this is a tremolo, it doesn’t matter where the cut is between the values.
so make an eighth note tremolo on the 2nd half of beat three (which would actually be two 16th notes), then a half note value tremolo on the final two beats.


In fact, Dorico sometimes manages to link together two “double” chords, like this:

Perhaps it just doesn’t work when the chords come in between beats? But really, I think your suggestion works best in any case where chords are already tied, so the problem is solved for my part.

Many thanks!

there’s a high degree of ambiguity in the example you’ve posted here. I would probably prefer to avoid this type of notation as much as possible.

is the tremolo from the very beginning of the half note? only on the two quarter notes? does it carry through to the tied G half note?

it’s not a clear notation.

you need to express the exactitude of the music.
where exactly the tremolo starts SHOULD show a tremolo.
where exactly the tremolo ends should also be clear.


Yes, I can see that now. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. I’ll do the necessary corrections!

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