Chord Trigger Plug-in for VST Live

Hi, I have just crossed over from Mainstage, and one of the features that would be great is the chord trigger (that I am yet to find if there is one). As a basic player, I need this on some songs that may be too complex. Does anyone have a Free chord trigger program, that works, that they recommend? I am in the process of trying to get one to work

Further to this, no luck with 3rd party add ons. MyMain Komplete Keyboard supports Chords/arpeggiators, but my other 2 don’t. The Komplete method looks complicated. Hence a good basic Add-on would be a must especially for a guitarist like me, playing Keyboards/Keytar. The Mainstage Chord Trigger wasn’t great, but it’s easy to map etc, and its free with the software.

I found an Addon called Ripchord, that seems like it might be easy to use. However, I’ve had no success , trying to send output to it.

BTW Ripchord does not show in Stacks. :frowning:

Stacks are for processing audio inputs. Layers are for processing MIDI processors (Instruments) and MIDI devices.

Thank you for clarifying that. Ripchord is a freebie/opensource product so hopefully, this can be resolved quickly, or even used under license with VST Live? Ripchord shows up as an Instrument, not an Effect. Here are some Pix. It shows up when installed in the VST3 Folder, but not the Component Folder (Obviously)

Thank you, we know Ripchord. It works as a MIDI plugin, which we will support soon.

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Sounds great.