Chord volume

Hi - tried following some online instructions. I have a VST for Piano and I’m assigning the Chord track to the channel I want, but it doesn’t show up in the mixer.

If you currently have the Unused filter active in the Mixer, try deselecting that: then you should be able to locate the channel that corresponds to the slot to which you’ve assigned the chords track in Play mode, and adjust its level.

Thanks - that works fine for now but I think it could be improved. And the order of channels doesn’t make sense to me. Sorry to complain - enjoying Dorico overall so far.

I spoke too soon. I have 1 port with 6 channels in settings. I assign Soprano to Ch. 1 and Chords to Ch. 6. But chords are hitting the Soprano slider.

Can you attach the project in which you’re experiencing this problem?

PMed you - thanks!