Chord with Glissando Lines

I’m trying to place glissando lines between a chord of grace notes to the chord that follows. But by default, Dorico doesn’t place the glissando lines where I want them as shown in the image. (To be clear I want the D to slide to the E, the Bb to slide to the C, and the F natural to slide to the G.) So I go into Engrave mode and try to reposition the lines. I move one line into position and another line moves. I move that line and the first one moves out of place. So I have to keep repeating that process until I get somewhat close and give up thinking I’ll do no better. Grrrr. Then I have to go through the same process on the tablature staff. I’m hoping there’s an easier way?
Gliss Chord.png

Did you input the three glisses one at a time, first with the D and E selected, then with the Bb and C selected etc? If not, try that.

I just tried that (i.e., inputting them one at a time (with two notes selected each time)) and the result is in the image. So that doesn’t seem to work. Is there a different way to input glissandi aside from dragging and dropping them into the score? Maybe via keystroke?

As long as you select each note–the start note and the end note of each gliss separately, it should work for you.

Slice 1.png

Shift-O gliss Enter is the other way.

What am I doing differently to you?

Interesting. When I try the Shift-O approach, that works great! Thank you!!
But using the mouse is different. If I select both notes and then click the Glissando button, no gliss line is created. However, the mouse arrow changes so that a diagonal line is now “attached” to the mouse cursor arrow which will let me drop the gliss line wherever I want. If I try to drop it on the notes in question, I get the unwanted results I described earlier. Any idea what’s causing this to be different than yours?

Take a look at the options on the Input and Editing page of Preferences: these options are described here.

Thank you! Both answers are very helpful.


I have this thick custom line I use for gliss and I was wondering if there was a way to also have the line on the diamond note of the harmonics ?
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 12.03.58

Otherwise, I will have to enter them as chord notes, etc right ?

Thanks for your help

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In guitar music I often have to write a glissando from one chord to the next like so:
While selecting the notes in pairs and adding the glissandos provides the correct result, this is really tedious. Is there an easier way to do it?

Intuitively I would think that if I have the same number of notes in the chords, adding a glissando with the chord selected should connect all notes automatically.

At the moment there’s no better way to do this, but I agree it would be useful if Dorico handled this kind of situation more automatically.