Chorder plugin and chords in general


i am doing the tutorials on the chords and I am stuck at some point…
let’s say there is a bass line. no chords, just notes. How can I convert the part to chords?

also… I don’t have any preset in the chorder plugin, any idea?

thank you

That’s not something that can be readily automated. Since any pitch can be part of multiple chords there isn’t any way to tell just from the notes which of those chords should be played. For example a C note is present in all of these chords: C, Cm, F, Fm, Am, D7, Dm7, (plus many other more exotic chords). Any of these chords might be right depending on what you are trying to accomplish, and which chords proceed and follow it. And to complicate it more, a bassline (or melody) will often contain non-chord tones. So for example if you have a C chord you might have a bassline that goes: G-E-D-C - where the D note is a passing tone that is not present in the chord.

That said if you are in the Key Editor and select multiple notes in the part you can see what chord (if any) they are part of in the Chord Tab of the Inspector. But this is of limited use because you may not have enough notes to ID a chord, or you might include non-chord tones that will show up as a more complex chord than you really want (e.g. C9 for the bass I showed earlier, when you really want just a plain old C). If you have chords in the Chord Track you can set the colors in the Key Editor to indicate if the notes are in the chord and/or scale which can be useful.

Chord progressions are a topic where there is always more to learn, although the basics are fairly straightforward. Personally I find it easier to go from chords to melodic lines rather than the other way around.

You might want to check out this free Coursera class on developing musicanship which started last week, but you can sign up for anytime during its run - although you might not be able to turn in the beginning assignments.

thank you very much