ChordPad Loaded with a MIDI Loop Possible ?

  1. Make a new Project
  2. Go to Media Bay
  3. Find Midi Loop ‘Ballad-Chorus A - Piano
  4. Drag it into the Project Window and a new Instrument Track containing the Loop is made

I wanted to take a Measure , or more of this 4 Bar Loop and Put it on a Chord Pad
Have been unable to
Is it possible ? If so How ?

Thanks, Robert

you can’t drop the midi file on the chord track.

but you can open the midi piano roll and cubase will tell you the notes.

just put record on the chord track and punch in the notes and chord track will show you the notes in chord track.


Are you sure this function should work? Can you assign a chord from MIDI Part? I’m not sure about it. You can do so from MIDI Input for sure. But from a MIDI Part…?

You can create and save a midi loop and then import it on a chord pad. Click on the (e) show / hide player set up > click on import midi loop…